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TFD Sea10 – Recap

The last couple of days were a blast. It deserves a special note that the organisation of the “Seattle 2010 Tech Field Day” was
phenomenal. Everything was taken care of. The delegates had nothing to worry about, except maybe trying to look good on camera. After a while you actually didn’t notice the camera crew anymore and you wouldn’t worry about your appearance anymore.

Gestalt IT

We gathered at the Cedarbrook Lodge (which was a stunningly beautiful place to stay at actually) and had a welcoming dinner on Wednesday. This dinner was intended to get to know each other a bit better. There were a couple of newbies (like me) among the delegates, so this was quite a nice way to get introduced.

A shuttle bus took us from one conference location to the other. The schedule was tight, but given the live discussion we had during the sessions, this was actually a good thing, otherwise this conference would take a week. The locations were absolutely great. We get to spend some time at the “Microsoft Partner Center” two days in a row, and we went to the Microsoft on campus shop. Some of you who know me, would probably think “what the heck is he doing in a Microsoft shop”, but I would actually have bought a outdoor type jacket. The dumb thing however was, there was no clothing in my size. Most of the stuff was in 2XL to 6XL (US size charts), were I am only an XL in the European size chart. This is somewhere like a US medium size :-). Hey, I am just saying….

We also visited the F5 Networks HQ, and the NEC America site in Seattle. We were welcomed and treated with much hospitality everywhere we went. NEC might not have the most fancy office interior, their presentation to me was actually one of the best. I can’t explain why exactly I feel like that, but I think it has something to do with the way Gideon Senderov (NEC Director, Product Management & Technical Marketing of Advanced Storage Products) showed his knowledge of the NEC gear we went to see. His in depth knowledge was absolutely astounding. I don’t mean to say the other vendor’s presenters didn’t know their stuff, the absolutely did, but Gideon rose way above them. NEC, like F5, Compellent, Veeam and NimbleStorage did some live demo’s on their gear. They made it all happen, not a single glitch. Another impression I had during the NEC session, was they were a bit more open and honest about what their gear could and could not do. Most other vendors try to avoid answering questions that lead to an answer that points out that their gear cannot do a specific thing. Mostly it’s not a big deal.

The launch of the Nimble Storage company and their product introduction was also a very great experience. I think it takes  courage to launch a product in front of a bunch of tech analysts and critics. But Nimble pulled it of just great, and the product made a great impression.

Looking back on those days, there is absolutely nothing negative to say about the organisation and effort that was put into this event by the organizers, Stephen Foskett (@sfoskett) and Claire Chaplais (@-I-Dont-Twitter) and the sponsors. It was a great experience and a big thank you is in order. It was great meeting you all and thank you for making me part of it.

Seattle Underground Tour

TIP: For all you guys that read this blog, if you ever get to go to Seattle WA, make sure you take the Seattle Underground tour to get to know the Seattle history a little better. It costs about $15 (US) and takes some 90minutes, but this is so worth it. You’ll love. Be sure to leave a comment if you do though.



07 2010

TFD Seattle 2010 Update

Hi all,

Just got another email about the delegates and schedule for Tech Field Day Seattle 2010. The list of delegates looks at least as impressive as the ones present at previous Tech Field Day events. I must say, I feel honored to be among such great names, even without the list being 100% complete.

Check out the #TFD site to view the confirmed delegates. Two other great names are 99% certain to attend, but some paperwork needs to be sorted out.

Judging on the mail, Thursday will have a great surprise in store for us all. Don’t be a fool and miss out on this, so make sure you are tuned in for twitter, live blogging or live video streams. I am also looking forward to the Friday presentations, because I would really like to see what one of the presenting companies is up to these days. They aren’t that well known for their IT business over here in Europe.

In the mean time, I am trying out some services and tools to enable a live video stream like @Kiwi_Si did on the previous #TFD event in Boston. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


I am invited to this event, and all is paid for. Travel expenses, meals and such are all sponsored. As consideration I will be venting my (candid and independent) opinion on what is presented through blogging and probably Twitter.



06 2010

Getting ready for Tech-Field-Day Seattle 2010

Just like Derek Schauland I recently got the final invitation to Tech Field Day, Seattle 2010 edition.
I am looking forward to being a delegate since it’s first start, back in November 2009. Back then I had arranged for Stephen Foskett to present a session at the annual Dutch Storage Expo, but unfortunately he could not make it because of delayed flights. (note: I am so hoping this doesn’t happen to me while flying to Seattle).

Being a professional like he is, we somehow managed to still get him to present, through Skype. It didn’t work out the way we intended it to, but nonetheless it was a great session. We still got some very good reviews afterwards. Stephen afterwards told me about the TFD events and I really wanted to join. Due to the short notice, I wasn’t able to make it.  But yay, here’s a new chance to join the impressive list of TFD delegates.

I am not a blogger like most on the list, but I do have my own opinion on things and as an independent storage consultant I do want to know all I can on whatever storage related news is out there. I never have had an urge to express my opinions, but in the more recent years this has changed. I haven’t found much I thought was worth mentioning however, considering everything was already talked about on the internet. My perspective on this is changing.

Tech Field Day is a great opportunity to meet peers and get some insight in products from well known vendors and the not-so-well-known (to me) vendors. I will also use this event to crank up my blogging a nudge, willingly.

Like Derek said, it has the appearance of a conference. But the invitation and free-of-charge part is not something that defines a conference. I consider it an intimate/private tech update, with the intention to create buzz and some great exposure in the online community. Considering the previous TFD’s popularity, creating exposure should not be a problem.

For the international delegates, this will be a couple of tough days. Long flights, long days, intense discussions and presentations, and of course a party or two will not make these couple of days a walk in the park. But then again, its not intended to be.

I am looking forward to meeting all other delegates in real life. Check out this Twitter list.


I am invited to this event, and all is paid for. Travel expenses, meals and such are all sponsored. As consideration I will be venting my (candid and independent) opinion on what is presented through blogging and probably Twitter.



06 2010